Copy of Board Comparison & Specs

5'6 Nimbus: The Perfect All Around Board

The Nimbus is an ideal choice for any beginner looking to start their journey in foiling. This board strikes a perfect balance between stability and performance, making it an excellent platform for newcomers with lots of room to develop their skills. The compact size of the Nimbus offers several key advantages:

  • Stability and Performance: Its design ensures that beginners have a stable ride, which is crucial for building confidence on the water. At the same time, it provides enough performance to allow for skill progression.
  • Ease of Transport and Handling: The shorter length makes it significantly easier to transport and handle, whether you’re carrying it to the beach, transporting it in a car or boat.
  • Skill Development: This board is designed to support beginners as they refine their foiling techniques. It’s forgiving enough to accommodate initial mistakes but responsive enough to reward improved skills.
  • Shared Experiences: Perfect for those who want to enjoy foiling with friends and family, the board’s balanced design allows for a shared learning experience, making it a great choice for group activities.

Recommend user: For users who want that extra room to evolve their Foiling skills while still being beginner friendly. Easy to transport in boats and cars.

Specs and Dimensions: 

Length: 168cm x 70cm x 12cm

Weight: 11.5kg (board) + 4 kg (mast, motor and wing) + Battery 13 kg

Max Rider Weight: 130kg

5'11 Stratus: Maximum Stability and Accessibility

The Stratus is crafted to offer the utmost stability and ample volume, ensuring that even complete novices can get up and riding with minimal effort. Here are the highlights of this larger board:

  • Enhanced Stability: The increased size and volume provide unmatched stability, making it easier for users to balance and stand up quickly, even in their first session. The bigger sizes means it needs a bigger turning radius.
  • Ideal for Rentals and Challenging Conditions: Its robust and user-friendly design makes it a top choice for rental operations and for individuals who may find water sports more challenging. The extra stability and ease of use cater to a wide range of users, including those with less experience or confidence. The bigger size allows it to take in more waves and swells. 
  • Suitability for Larger Individuals: The larger size of the Stratus is also beneficial for bigger riders who need additional support and stability.
  • Quick Learning Curve: This board is designed to get beginners standing quick and fast! 

Recommend user: When space and transport is not an issue, best for rentals, larger individuals, and constant first time users.


Specs and Dimensions: 

Length: 5'11: 180cm X 72cm X 12.5cm

Weight: 12kg (board) + 4kg (mast, motor and wing) + Battery 13 kg

Max Rider Weight: 145kg